Face Shield FAQs

Q: Can the face shields be sterilized and reused?

A: Yes, the face shields can be sterilized in a standard autoclave, or cleaned with hand wipes.

Q: What are the face shields made out of?

A: The headbands are 3D printed using PETG material and use buttonhole elastic as a strap. The face shields are lasercut Vivak(PETG) material.

Q: Why are there plastic hair like strings on the 3D printed headband?

A: This is normal and does not mean they are not clean. The process of 3D printing can sometimes produce these small strings. We try to remove as many as possible.

Q: Why did you start making the headbands?

A: There was and is a major shortage of PPE. My friend Reiner Schmidt and I teamed up to use the resources that are available to us. Collectively we have the equipment(3D printers, laser cutters) and the knowledge/skills to begin the production of the face shields. We also purchased a few extra 3D printers to increase output.

Q: Where can I donate?

A: If you would like to donate, click the link below. You donation will go towards materials like 3D printing filament, and other consumables needed to make the face shields.

Q: Can I help?

A: Yes! Right now we are limiting the acceptance of 3D printed head bands to only a select group of people to make sure everything is properly handled and remains sterilized. However if you're capable of assembling your own shields the 3D printed parts can be found here:

Face Shield Parts on Thingiverse.

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